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Securing Soft Targets and Crowded Places

Soft targets and crowded places are increasingly appealing to terrorists and other extremist actors because of their relative accessibility and the large number of potential targets. This challenge is complicated by the prevalent use of simple tactics and less sophisticated attacks.

In order to support these venues in mitigating potential risks associated with the dynamic threat environment, TACT Consulting partnered with the Department of Homeland Security has a number of resources that focuses on improving security and implementing protective measures. Through training, resources, and direct subject matter expertise, the TACT Consulting collaborates with public and private sector organizations to enhance risk mitigation capabilities.

Terrorists and other extremist actors, who have demonstrated the intent and capability to attack soft targets–crowded places, continue to pose a risk domestically and abroad. These adversaries have the ability to access and surveil potential targets with relative ease, and use various tactics to carry out attacks, including:  

  • Small Arms — Require minimal preparation and experience.

  • Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) — Complexity and effectiveness of the devices used in explosive attacks are highly variable, and depended on the expertise of the attacker and their access to explosive components.

  • Edged Weapons — Require minimal pre-operational planning due to their accessibility and ease of use. Edged weapons have primarily been used as a secondary attack method.

  • Vehicle Ramming — Require minimal preparation and experience, and past attacks have occurred with little to no warning.




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