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Complex Operating Environment—Retail/Shopping Malls
Retail and shopping malls are typically readily accessible by the public, mass transit and delivery vehicles, they are frequented by large crowds, and they are likely considered appealing soft targets. The physical attributes, location, and operational and logistical considerations of shopping malls create security challenges for first responders and security stakeholders.

It is the responsibility of every employee and contractor to report suspicious activities. 

Common mall characteristics include open-access layout, steady hours of operation, and crowds of various sizes depending on time of year, sales events, and special activities, such as concerts, pageants and expos. Shopping malls in the US and overseas remain potential terrorist targets based on relatively recent terrorist messaging and plots in the US. 

STAFF TRAINING: The best and most cost-effective security technique is a well-trained staff that can recognize and react appropriately to a potential or actual threat. Training should highlight the importance of security, things to look for, and what to do in the event of an incident or attack. Staff should be highly encouraged— if not rewarded—to report situations which may be suspicious, hazardous or potentially dangerous. Retail/Shopping Centers make security inherently challenging because of their size, layout, and amenities, and alert staff will be prepared to detect suspicious activity.


Explosive Precursors Point of Sale Training

The Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Explosive Precursors Point of Sale Training was developed to assist those persons involved at the point of sale for explosive precursors in recognizing what kinds of suspicious behaviors are associated with pre-incident terrorism activities, understanding how and where to report suspicious activity, and protecting privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties when documenting information. This training also provides information about integrating the Nationwide SAR Initiative (NSI) into your organization's operations.

FREE on-line training course:

On-site Retail/Shopping Center Training 

In this 3-hour course participants will learn the signs of suspicious activity along with terrorist attack planning cycle, suspicious behavior, suspicious packages and possible surveillance activities that can be associated to criminal activities including terrorism while performing their daily duties.

Tel: (716) 514-2196


*Courses for Group/Department (10/24 seats min./max.) have the option to be conducted at their location or at our training facility located at:

401 Lang Blvd.

Grand Island, N.Y. 14072

For Retail/Shopping centers that employees security or public safety officers please go to our Law Enforcement/Security Professional section for NSI- Line Officer Training (Version 2), NSI- Private Sector Security Training or Behavior Threat Detection (BTD) courses or any other additional training opportunities 

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