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Federal training instructor and supervising officer for the Behavioral Detection & Analysis Unit, Department of Homeland Security, Threat Assessment Division, he is also on the National Training Team for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).

Transportation Security Officer - Security Training Instructor for Security Operations (SO), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), she has supported the airport training program through performance of a variety of training-related functions. In addition to training program responsibilities, she has also perform pre-board security screening of persons, cargo, carry-on, and checked baggage as directed by the Federal Security Director (FSD), or his/her designee.

Specific program responsibilities include the following:

  • Performing training instruction within established guidelines and standards in support of nationally developed training programs (e.g., new hire training, On-Screen Alarm Resolution Protocol, Crossover); supporting recurrent training needs, and conducting return to duty and remediation training.

  • Adapting/developing local training materials to meet requirements; conducting local training in accordance with training standards; assisting with the training department administrative support (e.g., Online Learning Center (OLC) entry, training resource room facilitation, roster management, conducting testing, and ensuring evaluations are done); assisting with training logistics support components (e.g., coordinating needed supplies and materials); managing classroom dynamics; resolving routine classroom problems; monitoring and evaluating training and providing feedback on needed adjustments; recommending enhancements; and maintaining communication with management and supervisors concerning issues with training that may reveal security-screening weaknesses or vulnerabilities.

  • As directed, providing mentoring/coaching to address identified training needs.

  • Administering and scoring training tests (e.g., job knowledge, image).

  • Assisting with PASS Practical Skills Observations (PSOs) and conducting Level 3 Assessments, as needed.

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