Created from best practices used by government agencies with the innovation of the private sector and backed by science... SATA Certification is the most proactive and intensive behavioral threat assessment program any entity can adopt. SATA is a 2 week (80 hours) intensive training course that is geared for organizations to adopt a Behavior Threat Detection program within their operations. 

Get SATA Certified... become a HUMINT OPERATOR

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Course Outline:


  1. Elements of Situational Awareness

  2. Environmental Baseline

  3. Advance BTD – Behavior Threat Detection

  4. AE - Active Engagement; Solicitation of information through social engineering

  5. Observing signs of deception through Active Engagement during conversations / questioning techniques:

    • Micro Facial Expressions (Humintell)

    • Verbal/non-verbal behavior indicators during Active Engagements

  6. Terrorist Attack Planning Cycle

  7. Pre-Operational Indicators

  8. CST (24 hr) - Counter Surveillance Training:

  9. Covert/Overt Operations

    • Plain Clothes Operations (PCO)

  10. BEAT - Basic Explosive Awareness Training:                                                   

    • IED/VBIED Awareness Training

    • HME - Homemade Explosives  Awareness Training

  11. Department of Homeland Security Partnership:

    • “See Something, Say Something”

    • Campaign

    • Blue Campaign

    • NSI-Nationwide Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) Initiative

    • SAR Line Officer Training (Law Enforcement) OR

    • SAR - Private Sector Security Training

  12. Last day: Practical exercise consisting of a 3-hour Plain Clothes Operation in a public location involving role players.