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SATA Certification


The SATA Certification is a all-inclusive training program that builds upon our greatest weapon... human intelligence. Our training offers the most proactive, real-time threat assessment through Behavior Threat Detection and Covert Surveillance, any industry can adopt to strengthen your existing security/public safety programs. The SATA Certification program will consist of a practical pre and post assessment along with a practical exercise after the completion of the class room training program. This program is designed for both uniform and plain clothes operations.​

These type of behavior threat assessment programs are being deployed nationally through the private and public industries:

Mall of America - Risk Assessment Mitigation (RAM) Officers, TSA - Behavior Detection Officer (BDO), and the FBI - Behavioral Analysis Program (BAP). Other agencies such as the U.S. Department of State, DoD, CIA and the U.S. Secret Service all have a behavioral threat assessment programs as well.


SATA Certification is completely flexible and can be customized to any organizational need. 

Contact us for GSA or Corporate Rates and for scheduling.


Participants are required to have a 7 day advance registration. Participants must have a "need to know" for this course. Registered participants must hold in good standings Law Enforcement / Peace Officer credentials or state registered security guard license.

All participants are subjected to a background check.

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