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covert surveillance training

Almost any criminal act, from a purse-snatching to a terrorist bombing, involves some degree of pre-operational surveillance. In fact, one common denominator of all the different potential threats — whether from lone actor, militant groups, common criminals or the mentally disturbed — is that those planning an operation all monitor their target in advance. However, while pickpockets or purse-snatchers case their victims for perhaps only a few seconds or minutes, a militant organization might conduct detailed surveillance of a target for several weeks or even months. Regardless of the length of time surveillance is performed, however, the criminal or militant conducting it is exposed, and therefore vulnerable to detection. 
Because of this, covert-surveillance — the process of detecting and mitigating hostile surveillance or pre-attack behaviors — is an important element of counter-terrorism and security operations.


This workshop can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any group. CST can be offered in 1 day (8 hour) basic training or a 3-day (24 hour) advance training sessions that also consist of covert plain clothes operations.


CST Basic

Training will consist of the following:

  • Terrorist Attack Planning Cycle

  • Pre-Operational Indicators

  • Surveillance activities and indicators

  • Suspicious activities

  • Suspicious packages/baggage

  • Social Engineering

  • Active Engagement


CST Advance

This 3-day advance course is created toward operational level hands on training. The 3rd day of training will consist of practical exercise within a public environment consisting in plain clothes (covert) operations, along with role  players.                                       

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